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breast cancer awareness.. [Jun. 9th, 2006|07:20 pm]
talk about it!

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there are/were many people in my life that have suffered from this terrible disease

do all you can to fight for a cure

spread awareness

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Breast Cancer Awareness! [Oct. 4th, 2005|05:56 pm]
talk about it!

CLICK for my once yearly very important very informative up to date post!!


I will also be hosting a breast cancer awareness icon contest this year. All submissions (unless inappropriate) will be added to the post. First place winner will receive a special prize. I may even do 2nd and 3rd place prizes. Watch the entry for updates about what the prizes will be!! If nothing else, do it for Breast Cancer Awareness Month!! Email all submissions to xinksawareness at gmail dot com!
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(no subject) [Oct. 3rd, 2004|04:45 pm]
talk about it!


October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month!!

PLEASE take a moment of your time to click HERE!

Together we can make a difference!!

I am posting this in this community because I consider it to be relevant or maybe even only semi-relevant. If you have a problem with that, please contact me and be respectful. Tell me why I should delete it. Angry notes only make you seem bitchy and insensitive and have absolutely no effect on me. Let's all get along, okay? If I overlook some rule that bans this kind of post, it wasn't intentional. One more thing, although I think this is pretty obvious, this is cross posted.
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Yesturday.. [Mar. 16th, 2004|01:59 am]
talk about it!
I cut and I have depression x.x yeah I know usually your suppose to have a doc to tell that you have depression, But you do realize you have this..after sometime....

I hadn't cut for about 3 months and today I was just getting furstrated with things, my mom taking my sister side because I didnt promise somethng to her I said if I was finish reading the website I was on *I know a stupid thing to get stressed over*

I took the tweeezers that were on the desk and started to just cut myself. I don't cut too deep *like some do* but looking at my arms Im sad and I just am not liking myself because I did this and uggg
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Finally [Mar. 16th, 2004|01:05 am]
talk about it!
I hurt so much inside
I'm ignored by everyone
No one will listen
No one is willing to help me
I let my frustration out this way
I let my anger out this way
I let my sadness out this way
Finally you notice me
After my arm is scared up
Finally you want to help me
Hearing me crying myself asleep
Finally you want to help me
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You [Mar. 16th, 2004|01:04 am]
talk about it!
You just won't listen to me
You never let me explain
You won't let me talk about these things
You always judge my situations
You always yell at me
You wont let me say what I want
You wonder why I'm not here
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